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Do you ever look at the world around you, and wonder - is this it? Or, do you believe in something more? 

Gothic House Press believes that something extraordinary lives beneath the surface of the ordinary, things that we shouldn't be able to see or hear. But sometimes a perfectly ordinary day can turn on a glimpse or a whisper. 

This is the home of magical realism. 

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 An accident no one wants to talk about.

A past no one wants to remember.

Fifteen-year-old Liv Swanson's past is a blank. The Hollow took the first eleven years of her life along with the memory of the car accident that wiped out her childhood.

Then she's roped in by her cousin, Ally, to join her Aunt Marie's psychic circle, and in opening herself to the spirit world, Liv awakens a gift she never knew she had. 

First, the spirit of a faceless girl appears, then Liv becomes a channel for other dead girls. 

And the girls are trying to tell her something. The Hollow is starting to give up its secrets, but some secrets lie with the dead.

Longlisted in the 2017 International Bath Novel Award Competition.


Amazon Reviews

"Hollow is tremendously atmospheric and creepy."

"This is a must read book if you like spooky mysteries..."

"...Just when I thought I had it figured out I didn't. Brilliant twists and turns."

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What would you do to escape the past? 

Seventeen-year-old Jack Ethan Dray has put his street-gang past firmly behind him, or so he thinks. 

When he gets a shout-out from an old gang member and his ex-girlfriend starts acting as if they’re getting back together again, Jack worries his past is coming back to haunt him.

Then Bonita Chang asks for his help to find her twin brother. 

A brother that used to belong to a rival gang. 

Jack knows that his only chance of being with Bonita is if he helps her. 

But he’s no hero…until she starts acting like he is one.

‘Karma Karma’ is a spellbinding story about the thin line between good and evil and the choices we make, and about facing up to who we are. 

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A new move.


An old house.


An ill-fated decision to try to contact a missing dad. 


Abby Hudson is resentful about being made to leave her first love behind and feels like an outsider in her own family. Then she starts to notice a worryingly familiar change in her mum's personality. And her half-sister’s new ‘friend’ starts to feel more real than imaginary.


When she sees the spirit of a girl in the mirror, she realises they are all being affected by the spirits that have invaded their home.


If she doesn't fight for the only family she has, their souls could be lost forever.


Every house has its spirits.


Every spirit has its story.


And some can become unlikely allies.


Abby is about to learn about the tragic events that took place at Dosett House, because the past is never lost - it's only sleeping.